We raise Berkshire pigs from babies. They are kept in a barn with runs providing each group with an acre of outdoor area to root around as well as a cozy inside area with fresh water and dry bedding.


We raise all of our chickens out on pasture. Chickens are given adequate area to roam and rotated so that their diets remain consistently fresh. Any grain provided is GMO and Soy-Free.


We’re not one to brag, but our eggs are simply the best you’ve ever had. Our variety of brown-egg laying chickens are raised in an open housing, with nesting boxes, and provided a diet rich in vegetables, as well as free access to pasture and GMO and Soy-free grain

CSA/Farm Share

Variety is the spice of life! Our CSA packages combine all of our wonderful products monthly for you to bring to your table. We hope to encourage local, sustainable food sources for your family so our farm can continue operation for years to come.


Our lambs are a purebred Dorper flock, originating from Eaststar Livestock in Ohio. We raise them year round in paddocks with adequate grass, hay and all natural grain, free of GMO and soy.


We have a herd of Angus cows that are bred every summer to calf the following spring. All of our male calves (steers) are raised for beef and all of our females (heifers) are kept as future mothers.

Our Products

Garden Vegetables

All of our vegetable seeds are purchased from organic, Non-GMO growers and our garden is tended to with human hands. We work our 23 acre garden by cultivation and irrigation to maintain our crops in compliance with IPM growing practices. All fertilizer is regenerative through our animal compost.


Sweet Corn

We raise 35 acres of sweet corn every year. Our sweet corn is Non-GMO. We vary our varieties between all yellow, all white & yellow and white (bi-color). Our favorites are Glacial which is all white and Nirvana which is bi-color.