A New Generation of Farming

We Participate in Farm Markets year round, from litchfield to fairfield county. We also partner with local stores and have a seasonal farm stand where our products can be purchased


From Our Garden to Your Plate

It’s important to know what you’re eating. And it’s even more important to know what you aren’t eating. We want you to know that all of our products are pesticide-free. We strive to make sure that you and your family can sleep easier knowing that our produce is not only locally grown, but we also ensure safe and green production and processes.

Our Products:

We plan our garden year round, and work hard to provide a vast variety of seasonally ripe vegetables. By hand-picking all of our produce, you are ensured fresh, and ripe, foods. 

  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Chicken
  • Lamb
  • Eggs
  • Sweet Corn
  • Garden Vegtables
  • ​Hay

 Our farm is managed by our family, so it is a 24 hour a day 7 day a week, 365 day a year job. All or our animals are raised on pasture, we grow our own feed and ensure adequate nutrition year round

We are a family run farm and you can trust that we are the ones working the land to ready it for harvest. We take pride in how we get our land and crops ready for you and your family. 

Ox Hollow farm is a diversified, family operated farm nestled at the gateway of Litchfield County. Established in 1997 by Mark Maynard with the mission of providing hormone and antibiotic free products to consumers, Mark has utilized his education and upbringing to produce all-natural, pasture raised Angus beef as well as high-grade pork and poultry. Mark’s 30+ years’ experience raising beef has been entrenched in his belief in conservation and obtaining maximum crop yields.

Mark and Stephanie work together to bring their belief  that local, sustainable, Farm Raised products are integral to our health.

We raise all stock on the farms acreage utilizing rotational grazing to expose animals to full pasture spring thru fall months. During the winter months the animals are housed in an open housing with a free environment offering hay, and Non-GMO corn silage, all grown and processed at Ox Hollow Farm.

Ox Hollow Farm’s all-natural Angus beef, high grade Berkshire pork, free-range chicken (seasonal turkeys), and brown eggs can be found at several local area farm markets, as well as various local natural food markets.

Sunday: 79th Street GreenMarket (American Museum of Natural History) 9:00-4:00

Sunday: Stuyvestant Greenmarket 9:30- 3:45

Monday: Union Square GreenMarket 8:00-4:00

Wednesday: Darien Farmers Market 10:00-3:00

Thursday: Westport Farmers Market 10:00-2:00

Saturday: New Canaan Farmers Market 10:00-2;00

Saturday: Washington Depot Farm Market 10:00-1:00

Saturday: Inwood Greenmarket 8:00- 2:30

Ox Hollow Farm Stand
1474 Bantam Road
Bantam, CT
7 Days a week

Ox Hollow Barn Store
478 Good Hill Road
Woodbury, CT
Saturday & Sunday


Or email us for any questions! 



How Our CSA will Benefit your Household

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. For many years, local farms have utilized CSA’s to encourage consumers to seek goods from their local farmers rather than commercially grown items.
CSA’s are a great way to provide an account of locally grown all natural, farm-raised products to your home. 

The Farm… 

Over the last decade, Ox Hollow Farm has shifted to utilizing minimal spray (to none in some instances) when managing crops. Mark and Stephanie attained their Private Applicator  Certification in 2019. Ox Hollow Farm has expanded vegetable production, utilizing organic and Non-GMO retail sources when purchasing seed for use within vegetable gardens.

Ox Hollow farm currently has two CSA programs for individuals to partake in to enjoy our products year round. The first CSA features a protein-packed “Meat-Share” offering different cuts of Beef, Pork, Chicken and Lamb for a total of 5 shares, and the Second CSA is an 18 week feature of Ox Hollow Farm’s vegetables.

Ox Hollow Farm’s all-natural Angus beef, high grade Berkshire Pork, free-range chickens (seasonal turkeys), and brown eggs can be found at several local area farm markets, as well as various local natural food markets. Ox Hollow farms products are available year round via our CSA meat share as well as online/phone orders.