2017 CSA

 What is a CSA? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. For many years, local farms have utilized CSA’s to encourage consumers to seek goods from their local farmers rather than commercially grown items.

CSA’s are a great way to provide a Monthly account of locally grown all natural, farm-raised products to your home. With a Monthly CSA from our, you will be receiving our own Beef, Pork, Chicken, and Lamb all season long. (5 Months)

We will be providing exclusive farm sharing to our valued consumers. Our share packages will contain items from each of the following categories: Beef, Pork, Chicken, LAmb, & vegetables

You can also combine CSA shares to accessorize your family with all of our Meats & Veggies all season long!

Sign Up Now before it's too late!

Please Send Sign Up Sheet and payment to:

Ox Hollow Farm

P.O. Box 102

Roxbury, CT 06783



Monthly pick-up available at :

Ox Hollow Farm Stand                                       
or                                                      Ox Hollow Farm

1474 Litchfield Road (RT 202)                                                                                              478 Good Hill Road (RT 317)

Bantam, CT 06750                                                                                                                 Woodbury, CT 06798

(860) 567-0236                                                                                                            Farm Phone: (860) 354-3315
**** Our Bantam Farm Stand is only Open May-November****


If other arrangements need to be made for share pick-up/ delivery, please indicate so on order form.

If you are interested in Whole/ Half/ or Quarter Shares of an animal, please contact us via email so we can send over a cut sheet!